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All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath is a unique sound healing event organized by two sound healers Kat and Francisco, offering you an opportunity to enter a deep meditative & healing state of consciousness, as you are guided by sound into a transcendental journey, throughout the night until sunrise.

We use various instruments including symphonic, planet & wind gongs, crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, shamanic drums, didgeridoo,  shruti boxes, combined with overtone singing, and vocal toning, weaving a tapestry of sound to guide you on your journey within.

The evening will begin with 1 hour ‘Flow Connect’ movement workshop by Dani. She will guide you gently and playfully through your senses using movement, voice and imagination. Then there will be a short break for tea and time to set up your ‘sleeping nests’ for the night ceremony.

After a short introduction, a guided meditation will lead you into the sound journey. You will be “bathed” in the sound waves of the gongs & other instruments for nearly 8 hours continuously. As the powerful vibrations and harmonics wash over you, they will induce deep relaxation, altered states of consciousness and support to release tensions and emotional blocks.

Participants variously report powerful bodily sensations and meditative states often accompanied by rich imagery, visions and insights, or feelings of timelessness, ecstasy and bliss. The overall experience can feel both visionary & psychedelic. Please be gentle with yourself for the remainder of the weekend to fully ‘digest’ the process, which can last for a few days after the experience.

After the all-night ceremony gongs will go silent for 15 minutes of stillness & reflection. Following a short morning meditation, everyone will be invited to the lounge & cafe area to share their night experiences with each other over a freshly prepared plant based breakfast.

8:30pm Doors open

9:00pm Welcome

9:15 – 10:15pm Movement Workshop

10:15 – 11:00pm Tea & set up ‘sleeping nests’

11:00pm – 7:00am All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath

7:00 am Morning meditation

7:30am Breakfast



During the night you can meditate or sleep. In both cases you will feel the beneficial effects of the healing sounds of the gongs & other instruments.

What to bring: Clean comfortable clothing to change into for sleeping, pillows, sleeping bag, blankets, duvets, camping and/or yoga mat, or any other item that will help aid your comfort as you will be sleeping on the floor. We ask that you keep your “sleeping nest” within a reasonable size & don’t use double mattresses for one person. There are heaters in the hall but please bring anything you will need to ensure you're warm throughout the night. Please also bring a reusable bottle of drinking water & your own mug to use during the night. We recommend bringing an eye mask as the hall is lit through the night with fairy lights.

Evening snacks & tea and locally prepared plant based breakfast is included in your ticket.

TICKETS: These typically sell out before the event so please buy in advance.

This event isn’t designed for people to take psychedelics at.

The event is for 18+. It is not recommended if you are epileptic.


All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath is facilitated by Kat Bumbul and Francisco Amoscotegui. For information about our all-night gong sessions follow us here

Kat – Experienced sound healer and ceremonial tea artist, known for her Psychedelic Gong Baths at The Round Chapel. She practices Siberian shamanism, Kashmiri shaiva tantra and Dao Yin Shu. Kat is available for various collaborations, private sound or shamanic sessions and tutoring in sound healing.

Francisco works intuitively with several instruments including gongs, didgeridoos, singing and crystal bowls, flute, shakers, shruti box and his voice, including polyphonic overtone singing and other voice healing techniques. His sessions take you on a deep and relaxing journey.

Dani is an accredited trauma informed Somatic Coach, trained actor, self taught dancer, pleasure & play activist and workshop facilitator. With over 15 years of embodied self study within somatic and creative embodiment work she has developed a playful and sensitive approach, combining a range of disciplines including acting, contemporary dance, CI, somatics, Alexander Technique, ritual, meditation and clowning. 

For enquiries regarding the event contact us:  facebook page or e-mail ''



  • We ask that all attendees take a lateral flow test within 24 hours prior attending the event, and show their negative proof upon the arrival. A picture as proof is fine. You can order a free pack of 7 lateral flow tests at any time, here.
  • Please do not come if you develop symptoms, or come into contact with someone who has COVID, in the days before the event. Let us know ASAP and we will issue you a full refund and offer your place to someone on the waitlist. 


“It was such a beautiful experience – a beautifully set up and held space - I was in a mix of meditation, relaxation, sleep and deep contemplation all night and I met some really beautiful people there too - I could have stayed there forever :) Thank you for holding such an amazing space X” Sean

“Absolutely perfect in every way” Chloe

"Incredible healing sound journey. What you together have created is truly remarkable. I was awake for all but 2 hour and felt every moment. Grateful for what you give to the Universe” Rikk

“I loved it! It was very cosy and even though I came alone I felt safe enough to fall asleep. I woke up with some firm positive ideas so it definitely worked its magic.” Tialda

"They created a container that helped me feel held and safe enough to let go and voyage into myself. The power of the gongs and strength of their chants enabling a deep process within me - catalyzed by a skillful balance between familiarity and novelty, between safety and provocation. The food was excellent and they were well equipped to meet my additional needs. The practitioners were clearly at the top of their game. It's definitely the best slumber party I've ever attended!” Mikey

“One of the best experiences of my life. A*****+++++” Ryan

REFUNDS POLICY: Please note, we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. When possible we encourage reselling on Ticketswap.

ACCESS:  We do our best to include everyone in our events, regardless of health circumstances. If you have access requirements please email the event organiser directly to discuss. 
Many facilitators are able to offer reduced ticket prices for those truly unable to afford the ticket price. If this is you, do please get in touch with the event organiser.

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