A Farewell to Screen Addictions - A Four Week Course

  • Tue 5th Oct 2021, 6pm – Tue 26th Oct 2021, 7:30pm UK time (UTC +01:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
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There is a different kind of life on the other side of screen addiction. One of freedom, calm and connection. Changing your relationship with screens creates more time for all the things you'd like to do, and a deeper, happier sense of wellbeing.

But it's increasingly difficult to have a healthy relationship with screens and social media.

Neuroscientists claim it produces the same neural circuitry as other addictive substances. It's changing the way our brains work, the length of our attention span, and our general productivity and creativity. The documentary, The Social Dilemma shows how social media creators are manipulating our human weaknesses for consumerist ends. Rather than serving us or improving our lives, it's making us unhappy and unwell. This isn't your fault, or a personal weakness, it's happening for all of us.

So how do we negotiate a healthy relationship with our screens? Is it all or nothing?  

In this group you will be supported to have your devices serve you, and not the other way around. 

In this group we will:

  • Assess what our screen addiction looks like and how it affects us.
  • Have a deeper look at what our screen addictions may be covering up.
  • Explore what our ideal relationship to screens looks and feels like.
  • Commit to certain agreed healthy habits.
  • Identify what our soul life is calling for and how to move towards it.

    If funds are a barrier to attendance then please get in touch.

Structure of the group:

We will meet every week for four weeks, on Tuesdays at 18.00-19.30 UK time, on Zoom.

How ironic that this group must take place on a screen! That is the reality. There will be no screen time in between calls (no facebook or whatsapp group).

During the call we will be journaling, sharing and supporting each other.


Tues 5th Oct 6pm-7.30pm UK time
Tues 12th Oct 6pm-7.30pm UK time
Tues 19th Oct 6pm -7.30pm UK time
Tues 26th Oct  6pm - 7.30pm UK time

About the facilitator:

My name is Boe Huntress, I have been a facilitator of groups for over ten years. I hold spaces to support others and myself to engage healthily with their emotions and with their soul life. I have personally been on a journey with my own screen addictions and feel in a place where I can support others to do the same.


Feedback from previous Screen Addiction Courses with Boe


“Five stars!”

“100% recommend this course.” 

“If you want to become more productive, less stressed and have more fulfilling relationships, then try this course.” 

“It's great to be in a group taking screen addiction seriously, feeling supported, and exploring it without shame.”

“This course helps people understand a problem that is only getting bigger.” 

“Really enjoyed your facilitation, the group was very well held, and good tone struck. Excellent balance of pragmatic and profound.”

“Brilliant faciliator, genuinely useful info, great group.”


Feedback from previous events with Boe


"Boe is a one in a million facilitator" 

"Being in this group has been a powerful, transformative experience. I’ve always felt in safe hands, in complete trust and able to grow each time." 

"I feel blessed beyond words to have found this group. It can be SO hard to find the space to explore and meet one's spiritual needs in modern every day life, and what has been grown here is exceptional and unique. I have deep gratitude to Boe for providing this much needed and very rare space.” 

"To say that this group has been a life-changing experience would actually be an understatement. It has given me the most incredible support network, lifeline in hard times, and a sacred connection to others."

"This circle has single-handedly saved me from depression, by giving me life long tools. It has deeply empowered me, meaning I can overcome insecurity and fear in order to help others and make a positive impact on this planet. I have come from being lost, insecure and afraid, to feeling open to the world and excited by its possibilities." 

"It's hard to pry apart all of the incredibly positive ways this experience has affected my life. It's given me tools, and I feel firmly on a journey inwards which is broadening and opening up my outward perspectives. I think this has been the best thing I've ever done."

“Attending Boe's group has enabled me to find my spiritual core. It has changed my relationship with myself and with the world, and enabled me to live from a more authentic and loving place." 

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