Shamanic Traditions of the Ancient Pagans

  • Tue 15th Jun 2021, 7pm – 8pm UK time (UTC +01:00)
  • Online
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Have you ever wondered about the early spiritual traditions of this land? Who were our Ancestors, where did they come from and who did they pray to? From the Romans to the Celts, the Saxons and the Norse, the pagan roots of this land run deep. I am of the belief that by beginning to integrate the ancient wisdom of this beautiful island into our modern lives we can heed the call of the land once more and start to re-empower our homegrown traditions in a way that supports our future. We will also explore where the pagan energy still emerges in our culture and that, perhaps, we are not so different to our ancestors after all. Through looking at archaeological evidence, poetry, anthropological accounts and shamanic practices that still thrive around the world today, we can start to build a picture of where we came from.

These cultures had many things in common, but perhaps the most binding characteristic was that they all honoured the natural world. At a time where we are now at a crossroads in modern life, learning the ability to praise life and honour the world we inhabit is of utmost importance to ourselves and those who will come after us. There is incredible power and wisdom under our very feet. Let's explore it.

SPEAKER: Eddy Elsey 

Eddy Elsey was born in London and grew up suffering from acute and debilitating anxiety. When traditional psychotherapy didn’t work – he, like many others, began to look for a different route to healing, which led to various spiritual practices.

After a rigorous multi-year initiation into shamanic techniques with a teacher from this land, Eddy created Street Spirituality with the aim of removing the taboo from authentic shamanic practice. There is no reason why this form of ancient healing cannot help everyone, no matter their background, in their journey back to themselves – back to their heart.

As well as a 1-2-1 healing practice, Eddy runs events and workshops at the leading studios in London and has since been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, The Metro and The Telegraph for this work, as well as becoming the resident Shamanic Practitioner at The Mandrake Hotel in London.


📍 IN-PERSON: This event (Shamanic Traditions of the Ancient Pagans) will take place online, however, Eddy Elsey will also be hosting an in-person Shamanic Dream Circle (London) in partnership with the Psychedelic Society, which will build on this talk by exploring the history & spirituality of these lands using ancient methods to enter trance states. Early Bird access for these Dream Circles will be provided to attendees of this talk.

RECORDING: A recording of this talk will be provided to participants after the event has ended, for those who cannot attend this online gathering live.

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