Being In Love With You: FREE TASTER SESSION for a 6-Week Journey Into Loving Yourself and Your Body

  • Wed 26th May 2021, 7pm – 8:30pm UK time (UTC +01:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
Activity Being In Love With You
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Join us for a session of “Being in love with you” an evening of exploring your body through sensual touch and movement.  We will start the evening with a meditation taking awareness into your body connect to love and your body wisdom.  Then exploring through touch, bringing awareness to sensations, feelings and giving love.   Being led on a journey through your body and to pleasures it contains. Allowing your body to flow and to connect with the divine feminine that you truly are.

★★★★★ "I had no idea Melanie’s class would end up having such a transformative impact in my life in ways I didn’t expect or imagine. She holds the space and guides the practice in such a magnificent way, making us feel comfortable to find and explore our own journeys, never pushing, always encouraging. I am also incredibly grateful for the wonderful group of people that take part in the class, sharing their experience with such honesty and vulnerability, opening their hearts and souls in a way that I’ve rarely experienced before.- Irene L.


  • Introductions and sharing
  • Heart & body meditation
  • Conscious touch
  • Sensual conscious touch movement
  • Sharing to complete

Please note: This is a practical session in which you will be invited to touch and caress your body.  Please ensure you are in a place where you can freely express yourself with movement, touch, and sharing.  We encourage camera's on so it enables everyone in the session to be related to each other and feel safe.  Feel free during the practical sessions to move your camera's away if you would prefer.

For anyone wanting a deeper, longer exploration of being in love with you, check out our 6-week Being In Love With You course.

★★★★★ "Melanie has been transformative in breaking barriers & moving through resistance to connecting with my body in different ways. Each session is a different experience personally, both in learning, moving through stuff, sensation, pleasure & mood. I come away feeling uplifted & relaxed. Mel holds a warm, open & safe space too. I highly recommend the experience." – Ella B.


Event times: 7pm – 9pm GMT, UK
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Melanie Knight 

20 years ago, I was heavily overweight, unhappy, drinking too much, and having lots of casual abusive sex relationships. I didn't like my body. I wore trousers and baggy tops to cover it up, and hadn't worn a bikini in about 10 years. When I got drunk, you would find me either crying in the corner of the room, or off with a random guy having sex, which made me feel better for a short while, but deep down I hated myself. I had a high sex drive, it made me feel alive. But I also craved it like a drug and I worried about what I would do for it, or what I wouldn't do for it....

After a real low point, I realised there must be more to life than this. I did many years of personal development, I coached many people and lead seminars. 7 years ago, I found Tantra, which allowed me to see that being sexual was normal, that I wasn’t too much and that pleasure can be used for healing. After many years of working on my mind and my body, I now know, deep down, I do love myself. I now love wearing bikinis, I've done a boudoir photoshoot, and a burlesque performance on stage in front of a hundred people. None of which I could have done before. I realised I wanted to share what I have learnt with other women, so that we all can learn to love our bodies, love ourselves the way we were meant to be. 

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