Womb Alchemy: Free Masterclass

  • Wed 21st Apr 2021, 7pm – 9:15pm UK time (UTC +01:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
Activity Womb Alchemy
Enquiries to bryony.darbon@gmail.com
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This free masterclass will be a two hour deep dive into the hidden language of the feminine, as we explore 5 symbols: The Cave, The Chalice, The Well, The Labyrinth & The Moon.

In this experiential workshop, you will discover how symbols can awaken your personal power - through an embodied lecture and alchemical movement practice.

This masterclass offers insight into the upcoming Womb Alchemy Online Course, starting the 28th April.

It is open to all genders, simply come with an open heart and mind, to discover the alchemical magic of symbols!


Why symbols?

Symbols form the building blocks of the human psyche - offering us a way to access deeper knowledge, by contextualising something otherwise abstract or hidden. 

Symbols offer a creative learning experience, reconnecting us with ancient, pre-verbal language - the language of our dreams and unconscious, the realm of the feminine. They provide appropriate contemplation for those seeking to contact their inner essence, as they tap into deep archetypal imagery within the mind. 

I love working with symbols, because I feel they hold within them the wisdom of our ancestors, and our own personal power - reminding us that the knowledge which we seek, comes from within. 

They offer us a form of communication through the feminine that goes beyond gender - allowing this work to be accessible to those who may wish to explore the Womb, but may not identify as a Woman, giving access to a more fluid language for ourselves.

To me, much of the feminine has become distorted and disempowered - through a culture that only values certain aspects of its definition. Through engaging with symbols in this way, we work towards reclaiming the feminine in all its expressions - allowing us to embody our true and raw essence, which is empowered, liberated and sovereign.

Symbols are like the keys to a hidden vault of knowledge, offering ideas which are expansive - as opposed to ideologies which can be limiting. 

We can all see the effects of a system, where imposed ideologies form a culture that is disconnected from themselves and the Earth. 

By activating the imagination through symbols, we can begin to envision a new reality, a New Earth, awakening to the sovereign, multi-dimensional nature of our being - returning to ourselves fully embodied and able to meet life's challenges with grace and ease.



In this masterclass, the symbols we will be exploring along with their elemental qualities are:

The Cave: Earth: Embodied Wisdom: The intelligence stored within the body

The Chalice: Fire: Inner Alchemy: Sexuality as a pathway to freedom

The Well: Water: Emotions & Creativity: Giving voice to our inner landscape

The Labyrinth: Air: Initiation: The spiral path of feminine empowerment

The Moon: Space: Cosmic Rhythms: Our body as the microcosm of the universe


7:00-8:15: Embodied lecture: Symbols of the feminine as a gateway to freedom

8:15-8:45: Alchemical movement: Discovering the archetypal realm of the elements

8:45-9:15: Q&A & Sharing


A replay will be made available to anyone who signs up - but if you join live you will gain access to a special offer from Bryony!

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