Lua Mystery Polarity Temple

  • Sat 6th Feb 2021, 7pm – 10pm UK time (UTC +00:00)
  • Online
Hosted by Lua
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Join Lua for an online Temple evening of mystery, depth and vulnerability. 

Lua is delighted to invite you to our Polarity Temple on

Saturday 6th February 19:00-22:00 GMT.

It'll be a beautiful opportunity to explore polarity within ourselves and between us in a sacred and sensual way. 

At a time where polarity of experience and opinion is everywhere in our worlds, let's cultivate polarity between us in a way that connects us. 

Join us for an exploration into polarity through your mind, your body and your soul.  Explore moving away from gender binary polarity, with Queering Tantra and exploring Shiva-Shakti Breathwork to connect to ourselves and others in union. 

What is a Temple? It's a sacred space for people to come together, to flirt, to meet, to play, to share, to dance, to co-create. It's remarkable what can be created on Zoom when ALL of you is welcome here: your light, shadows, spirit, highs, lows, bring it all to explore and integrate.  Explore deep rituals and playful dating games together with like minded souls.

What is Lua? Lua is a conscious dating app,  built for people just like you. People who want to meet others with authenticity, in depth, vulnerability and a little mystery.

Join us, we're launching soon





“Was really beautiful, nourishing and touching. I especially loved that the event wasn't focused on dating especially, meaning that meeting a couple of people in mystery was only part of the event.” Lua New Moon Temple Attendee.


What to expect on Saturday 6th February 2021: 

The evening will begin with an opening circle to land into this space in a place of conscious embodiment, followed by an opportunity to experience a Lua meeting in mystery, with depth and vulnerability. We will then open the Temple. There will be break out rooms where you will be able to connect, play and explore your self and others.

19:00-19:20    Grounding and Opening Circle

19:30-20:00   Mystery Rooms

20:00-21:30   Temple 

21:30-21:45    Integration

21:45-22:00  Closing Circle


“It has been fun, exciting, delightful, playful and orgasmicly delicious! It's a much needed empowerment to meet, connect and explore, particularly in these times.” Lua New Moon Temple Attendee.


What will the Temple include?

  • Hall of Mirrors (Dance) room
  • Polarity without gender - with Queering Tantra
  • Shiva Shakti Breathwork
  • Open Mic & Creativity Stage
  • Heart Sharing
  • Eye Gazing
  • Silent Meditation Altar
  • Mystery Rooms
  • Private Rooms
  • Tech & Emotional Support

What is Shiva Shakti Breath Work?

Breath work is the bridge from the code embedded in our deep tissue and in our subtle bodies out into the light of consciousness. Shiva holds the code to ultimate conscious presence. Shakti holds the code to ultimate life force energy, love and the movement of the highest state of bliss that this human organism is capable of experiencing. When Shiva holds and penetrates the potential chaos of Shakti lovingly in His conscious presence, and when Shakti fully trusts and is freely surrendered into unleashing herself into the arms of Shiva consciousness, wars end, love opens the hearts of all beings, there is radical acknowledgment and unbridled joy which transcends gender, race, culture, ethnicity...

Who is holding this space?

Yvonne from Padmanjali Yoga is a Tantra and yoga teacher trainer with formal initiations in Va-jrayogini and Bhairava practice, more than 2500 hours of Tantric and yogic study including several advanced yoga teacher trainings, the Asian Classics Institute’s 54 courses in founda- tional and advanced Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, and advanced meditation practice and training in the Hindu Tantras. Padma has served on the faculties of the Yoga Teacher Training programs at Langara College and the Yoga Studies Institute and is the author of two books - A Mindful Kitchen - Cooking with the Six Perfections and Anatomy for Yoga Instructors.


“My experience is that you are a good team with the background that makes this work well. The level of support you offer is better by far, than I have experienced in a physical festival.”  Lua New Moon Temple Attendee.


What is Queering Tantra?

Drawing on traditional tantric teachings, Queering Tantra will offer a guided experience of embodied polarity through amplification of various energies outside of the masculine/feminine binary. This is an opportunity to play with the powerful and primal elements of polarity that exist in every body.

Who are we?

Queering Tantra illuminates the inherent queerness that lies at the core of traditional tantra. Co-creators Gili and Sarah are tantric queers who take pleasure in offering spaces for everyone and every body to connect in sweet and juicy ways.

To create a container where people feel able to be themselves as safely as possible, please ensure you follow the agreements for the space:

Lua Temple Agreements: 

  1. Do not share anything that occurred in this space nor identify anyone outside the space without verbal/written consent
  2. No cross talk / interrupting
  3. Honour self and others
  4. Do not assume anyone’s gender or sexual preferences
  5. This is a sober space, please do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to or during the Temple


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If you have any questions please email

We look forward to welcoming you,

Emerald and Ellowen

No refunds or exchanges. There will be no genital nudity at this temple.


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