From Corporate to Conscious Career - panel discussion with Q&A

  • Tue 2nd Mar 2021, 7pm – 9pm UK time (UTC +00:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
Activity Women in Psychedelics Series
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The past year has brought with it unprecedented change and transformation. For many of us, it has meant adapting to a completely different lifestyle, as we have mastered the art of Zoom and turned our living rooms into offices. It has been an opportunity for us to go inward and explore what truly matters to us as individuals, as well as a time of mass global awakening to racial and social injustices. 

Now, more than ever, people are searching for purpose in their lives, to live out those age-old mantras: “Do what you love”, “Live the dream”, “Follow your passion”. So many of us are desperate to stop putting money in the pockets of the big corporations and instead find a job that allows us to be of service and do something for the greater good. But how do we make that dream a reality?

As psychedelic start-ups are rapidly on the rise and we see increasingly large-scale investments driving industry growth, the psychedelic job market has come alive. And this only looks set to continue as we edge closer to policy reform which could enable the use of psychedelics for medicinal and therapeutic use. Clearly, the psychedelic industry is big business - and with that comes new job opportunities.

In this panel discussion, we will be asking those questions that anyone thinking of transforming their career will want answers to - such as, how do we make the leap from corporate to conscious, and is it really as scary as it seems? How can we do what we love and still make a decent living? What career opportunities and pathways are out there right now in the psychedelic space, and how can we make sure that we stand out from the competition? 

The final 45 minutes will be an audience Q&A, so you can ask our experienced panel your burning questions.


Vilmarie Narloch

Vilmarie Fraguada Narloch, PsyD. is a psychologist focusing on mental health and substance use disorders. She is an activist in drug policy reform and advocates for science drug education and harm reduction. She is qualified in psychedelic therapies and research and co-facilitates the Psychedelic Safety, Support, and Integration group in Chicago.

Vilmarie is the Drug Education Manager at Students for Sensible Drug Policy. She has an M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services and a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. During her time at Roosevelt, she was a graduate research assistant with Roosevelt University’s Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy.

Vilmarie’s interests in drug education and harm reduction have led her to numerous projects, including the provision of counselling and harm reduction services to students, serving as a member of the Chicago Consortium on College Alcohol Harm Reduction and a predoctoral internship in the Adult Behavioral Services department in a local public health department.

Juliane Mueller

Jules is a facilitator of transformational spaces, community activist and builder. She works with vulnerability and promotes the authentic expression of self through creativity, intellect, emotion and sex as key ingredients for societal transformation and a more compassionate future. Her interests led her to co-found an educational space about sexuality and intimacy called Sex Club (

Jules develops sustainable, holistic community structures for urban environments which support the emotional and psychological evolution needed to meet the challenges of our time. She co-founded and lived in an intentional community project in London, developing frameworks for group process work and community maintenance. She’s also worked with Extinction Rebellion in events, movements, community and well-being.

Jules co-designed and ran the co-working space The Psychedelic Society. She is now a Psychedelic Society co-owner. Before moving to the nonprofit sector, she spent 10 years in the corporate tech industry.

Nikki Trott

Nikki's mission is to empower entrepreneurs to transform and unleash their purpose in the world. A certified transformation coach and expert brand consultant, her proprietary approach Transform On Purpose empowers entrepreneurs to dispel their blockers, define their purpose and drive their transition to impact, fulfilment and freedom.

 Nikki also provides 1:1 transformation coaching to help entrepreneurs build self-belief, crush fears and unleash positive power and impact. Her podcast, Going Conscious, brings listeners new ways to live a more conscious life of fulfilment and freedom from entrepreneurs, academics and change-makers. 

Before aligning her work with her values, Nikki ran her own thriving consulting company and has worked with 100+ fashion/lifestyle brands across the globe from Mulberry to Mercedes Benz to La Prairie. 

Maria Nazdravan

Maria Nazdravan is a writer, coach, trauma-sensitive meditation teacher, psychedelic integration specialist, and a transpersonal psychotherapist in training. At the end of 2019, she left her advertising career in order to pursue her calling for inner work and transformation. Since then, she has devoted herself to a deep process of learning and healing. 

Marie is a voracious reader, a passionate explorer of consciousness through spiritual, embodiment and energy practices, and shares her experiences in a monthly newsletter called Begin Again.

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