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Sex Club is a clothes-on group space where you can enquire into the relationship with your sexuality. We guide you through spoken inquiries and embodied explorations all influenced and informed by modern psychology, psychotherapy, somatic experience and conscious sexuality practises.

Our retreats & courses are powerful processes where we take you on a careful designed journey to find your own answers on the edges of what is known to you relating to your sexuality, desires, fears, and boundaries. 

You will hear others speak frankly and honestly in a way that feels natural and normal. You are always invited but never required to participate.

Acknowledging our desires judgement free, setting our boundaries, facing our fears and deliberately developing our sexuality, we can shed outdated burdens left by society, religion and family and be at ease with who we already are. 

​Whether you have participated in similar workshops or not, you’re single, partnered, monogamous, polyamorous, have a lot of sex or none at all, you’re invited to come as you are by yourself, with your friend/s, lover/s or partner/s. You’ll leave feeling more connected, empowered, and with practises to continue at home

There is no nudity at Sex Club. First we liberate the mind. Your body will thank you later.

We host retreats and courses online, in London and Berlin. Please check out for all events or this link for our BERLIN events.


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Sex Club: Five Week Online Course - Edition II

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Sex Club: Five Week Online Course - Edition II


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